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Rave Reviews for Huddart Floral

THANK YOU!!!!!! As has been the case in the past when you guys handle my orders, I have some pretty enthusiastic thank you messages on my answering machine.





Thank you for the information and the efforts you undertake to conduct an ethical and sustainable business regarding the safe, fair and environmentally sustainable production of your flowers.





My fiance' ordered birthday flowers for me from Huddart's. I have thanked him over and over for his thoughtfulness and am thanking YOU for the follow through and quality...and even a kind thank you for the sweet man that delivered the flowers. I couldn't have asked for a more beautiful, delicious smelling sweet surprise. I don't think any man could go wrong with getting their significant other a bouquet from your establishment. Keep up the good work.





You guys were so awesome when I came in Friday to get a gift for my husband...and tonight when I ordered flowers for a friend!! Your staff was so nice to answer all my questions and show me the different things I needed to see. You have earned a customer for life!! Thank you so much!!





I recently bought your flowers for the first time...and I really like your business! I just shared it on my wall.





Thank you for the beautiful flowers you sent for this order.

The arrangement was so tastefully done. Thanks again.





Thanks to all at Huddart Floral Company! Y'all are awesome!





Thank you for your service. I was very impressed. I look forward to using Huddart Floral in the future.





Thank you Huddart Floral for another fabulous arrangement to brighten a friend's gloomy day!





A customer called in tears. She wanted to thank us for delivering a beautiful bouquet of roses to her estranged friend. She was so happy to re-connect with her after so many years of no communication. They're having lunch next week. Just another wonderful story of how flowers from Huddart Floral say things that words cannot.



Thanks for having such lovely and quality plants.





The flowers were beautiful and "happy", exactly what we wanted! We were even told by the recipient that  out of all the flowers she had received, ours was the one she received the most compliments on. Thank you for your excellent customer service and delivering a beautiful product. We will be using your services a lot more in the future!





Thank you for the beautiful flowers you sent. The arrangement was so tastefully done. Thanks again






Thank you for your service. I was very impressed. I look forward to using Huddart Floral in the future.






“Mom and Jenn loved the flowers. They simply will not wilt or fade! I know I won’t use anyone else when it’s time to cheery up the girls out there, and just wanted to thank you and say your attention to details and quality of service generated several new customers by one simple delivery.”





“Thank you for the most gorgeous funeral flowers I’ve ever seen. Everyone at your establishment outdid themselves.”





“You will never know what comfort your beautiful flowers brought to our family. She so enjoyed your flowers over the years.”





“All the flower arrangements you have done for us have been magnificent. Thus I am sure the recipient will be equally pleased.”





“I thank you from the heart for the quality and care you put into my order! I heard from someone else that she burst into tears when she saw it and I owe you sincere gratitude.”





“We cannot always attend the funerals for which we have sent the flowers ordered from you. This one was a very special friend, and we were much satisfied with the arrangement of white flowers. Thank you.”


-Gary and Pat-



“Thank you so much for the beautiful arrangement of gladiolas that you sent. They were beautiful! Thank you for all the beautiful arrangements you did for my Mom through the years. –Stephanie



“On behalf of all administrative professionals, thanks for what you do for my profession.”





“I recently ordered flowers for my daughter’s birthday. They were delivered exactly as I had requested and they were quite beautiful according to my daughter. Because I live in another state, it is very reassuring to be able to trust everything about the flowers I send will be perfect, and it was! Not only that, but I received a letter for a promotion offer besides. I am so very pleased with your level of customer service. Thanks to everyone.”





“Thank you so much for your huge contribution too my short film! You guys were so kind and welcoming and I just can’t thank you enough. I’m so happy with the way everything turned out in the flower shop scene. Thank you for your patience and generosity.